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*The following is a list of our favorite links which we find ourselves often referencing for facts and inspiration.*

Freestyle Photographic Supplies Digital Truth Photo

The source for B&W film, paper and chemistry. Salespeople are helpful and enthusiastic about the darkroom process. These people are into black and white!

This site contains the Massive Developing Chart for all films and developers. Film, paper, chemistry, formulas, books and a newsletter. Also a Q&A forum and a guide to schools and workshops.

Photographer's Formulary Photo Techniques Magazine

Photo chemicals and kits for b&w and alternative processing. Labware, books and workshops are all available.

Although current issues are devoted in large part to digital imaging, b&w photography is still represented. Back issues contain invaluable articles on all phases of b&w photography.

Steve's Camera Darkroom Doctor Electromechanical Services

The best. These technicians know what they are doing and take pride in getting it right. Check them out!

We use the "darkroom doctor " whenever we need special repair or enlarger parts.

more to come